Join The Only Group Dedicated To Promoting And Defending Solar System Ownership In Arizona

Residential and commercial solar electric and solar thermal system owners and others who want to install systems are under attack from special interests  and politicians who are doing everything they can to change the economics of solar in Arizona. From changing how system owners are compensated for the excess electricity they sell to utilities to adding fees for simply owning solar because others do not, the playing field is being tilted against system owners and future customers. That’s why AriSEIA created the Arizona Solar Energy Coalition.

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Up to this point, these property owners, who have invested from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to reduce their utility bills have had to fight the utilities and politicians on their own in an attempt to defend their property, their investment and their energy freedom.

We’re proud to say they’re not alone in their fight anymore.

AriSEIA has created this group specifically to represent the interests of solar electric and thermal system owners and the general public. The coalition provides the member with an organizational-public face and voice on issues that affect the ownership, economics and regulations of their solar systems. Membership is open to anyone, individual or business, especially those who own or lease solar products. It includes members of the public who are contemplating purchasing or leasing solar in the future, or individuals who believe in preserving the environment, reducing energy expenses and controlling their personal/business energy use through forward-thinking energy policies.

Benefits To Joining

  • Membership in an organization dedicated to achieving the shared goal or more solar in Arizona
  • The ability to participate in the legislative and regulatory decision-making processes that affects -your- energy investment
  • Up-to-date information on issues that affect energy choice in Arizona
  • Network with like-minded residential and corporate owners and the public
  • Access to information, research, education & training, discounts to national events and more!
  • Help support a more public and louder voice on energy policy in Arizona
  • Subscription to ASEC’s bi-weekly newsletter “Arizona Energy Freedom”

Dues will be used to promote the benefits of solar energy in Arizona to the general public and policy makers and to educate and motivate system owners on the issues affecting their investment including defending their interests from disruptive and unfair fees, taxes, regulation and laws.

Members are also eligible for discounts to industry meetings and conferences, AriSEIA events and training. If you want to see more homes, businesses and communities install solar, get in the fight and join the Arizona Solar Energy Coalition.

Eligible for membership:

  • Residential owners – leased and owned
  • Business owners – leased and owned
  • Tribal owners – leased and owned
  • Community solar owners
  • Solar investors
  • General public

Join AriSEIA’s Solar Energy Coalition

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Dues Payment Options: can be paid all at once (and receive a discount) or monthly.

  • Residential & Tribal owner/lessee & General Public: $50/year or $5/month
  • Commercial system owners/lessee: $100/year or $10/month

Membership Application & Payment Form (Secure) – Click Here

AriSEIA is a non-profit IRC 501(c)(6) organization, which means legislative and lobbying activities are a permissible activity, even its sole activity, without jeopardizing its exempt status.